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Due to the trade war, the export of Indonesian tea is predicted to increase by 10% by the end of the year

06 December 2018 03:20 PM  Company: []
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JAKARTA. The Indonesia Tea Board predicted that export of local tea will increase by around 10%, as a result of the trade war between the United States (US) and China.

Suharyo Husen, Chief Executive of the Indonesia Tea Board, said that Indonesia has a pretty good export prospect to the Asian and Eastern European markets. "If we take a look at it, our exports to Asia and Eastern Europe are increasing," said Husen as quoted by Kontan today (6/12).

Husen said Indonesia's local tea export could reach 60,000 tons by the end of this year. Previously, he claimed that Indonesia's local tea export had reached 54,900 tons in 2017.

Nevertheless, Husen said that the area allocated for tea production needs to be added and improved. "What is important is that the land maintained at 113,808 hectares, if the number is maintained and there are improvements, of course, the production can be increased by 10%," said Husen. (KR/AR)