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DEWA will let the market respond to its performance next year

19 December 2018 03:12 PM  Company: PT. Darma Henwa Tbk[DEWA]
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JAKARTA. The price of the share of PT Darma Henwa Tbk (DEWA) stagnated at the level of Rp 50 per share throughout 2018, so the company will let the market to respond to its performance next year.

DEWA's stock price had indeed risen to the highest level in February this year to Rp. 64. Unfortunately, since the end of March, DEWA's share price has stayed at the level of Rp. 50.

Faisal Firdaus, President Director of DEWA, understands the condition. The reason is, investors certainly consider the performance of a company before taking action. "Of course it depends on financial performance," said Firdaus in Jakarta (19/12) this afternoon.

Even so, Firdaus believed a number of DEWA's steps and strategies this year would attract the attention of investors in 2019. "With an increase in performance from last year and this year, then next year there will be an increase in production volume by 85%, and our equipment's capability will be better this year," Firdaus explained.

In its public presentation, DEWA acknowledged that during the period of January-September 2018, gross profit of the company plunged by 41.23% compared to the same period the previous year. The company's income also fell by 0.6% in the same period of 2018. "We hope that the market will respond to our performance next year," Firdaus said. (KR)

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