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Ace Hardware transfers 5,000 lots of treasury shares

02 January 2019 05:05 PM  Company: PT. Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk[ACES]
Rp. 1,675  +35 (2.13%)

JAKARTA. From 24 December 2018 to 28 December 2018, PT Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk (ACES) had transferred 5,000 lots of treasury shares. Through BCA Sekuritas, the company made the transfer to the market.

Helen Tanzil,  Corporate Secretary ACES  stated through information disclosure that on Thursday, 27 December 2018, the total shares that were resold were 5,000 lots with the number of funds obtained after the transaction fee amounted to Rp 735.84 million.

"Thus, the company has completed the transfer of treasury shares obtained in the 2013 buyback program of 482,570 lots," she said in information disclosure on Wednesday (2/1)

The company has announced that this in accordance with regulation No.2 / POJK.04 / 2013 concerning share repurchases issued by issuers or public companies in market conditions that fluctuate significantly. (AM/AR)

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PT. Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk [ACES]   Rp. 1,675   +35 (2.13%)