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Cardig is summoned by Nusantari due to Rp 15.94 billion of unpaid invoice

09 January 2019 05:43 AM  Company: PT. Cardig Aero Services Tbk[CASS]
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JAKARTA - PT Cardig Aero Services Tbk (CASS) is accused of not paying off a bill of Rp 15.94 billion by PT Nusantari Sentosa Pratama (NSP). The company has received three summons during the period of 26 November 2018-13 December 2018.

Radianto Kusumo, Vice President Director of PT Cardig Aero Services Tbk (CASS) stated that the company would find a solution to deny the accusation of NSP. "We have a data and evidence that is rights and obligations to NSP," he stated as cited from the company's information disclosure.

As the information, NSP sent the third summons to Cardig Anugrah Sarana Catering (CASC), regarding the invoice of Rp 15.94 billion on 13 December 2018.

He said that the summons has affected the operation and cash flow of the company's subsidiary since supplier wants to receive a cash payment for the purchase of raw materials. The supplier that made the transactions with NSP is asking for the payment for the direct purchase to CASC, since NSP sent information to its supplier that Cardig failed to pay off its bill. (LK/AR)

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PT. Cardig Aero Services Tbk [CASS]   Rp. 720   0 (0%)