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Duta Intidaya has spent Rp 61.80 billion of its rights issue fund

11 January 2019 08:04 AM  Company: PT. Duta Intidaya Tbk[DAYA]
Rp. 210  -6 (-2.78%)

JAKARTA - PT Duta Intidaya Tbk (DAYA), a retail trade company, distributed all the rights issue fund of Rp 61.80 billion during a period of December 2017-December 2018. With this, the company's performance is expected to increase.

As cited from the company's information disclosure, Lilis Mulyawati, President Director of PT Duta Intidaya Tbk (DAYA) announced the detail of the budget. The budget was allocated for capital expenditure (Rp 36.98 billion) and working capital (Rp 24.81 billion).

The largest budget (Rp 24.81 billion) was allocated to purchase stocks trading goods for new branches and e-commerce. Followed by the budget for opening new branches and branch revitalization (Rp 14.81 billion), equipment purchase (Rp 12.81 billion), and information technology purchase (Rp 9.35 billion). (LK/AR)

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PT. Duta Intidaya Tbk [DAYA]   Rp. 210   -6 (-2.78%)