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Kota Satu Properti CEO sells all personal shares in company

11 January 2019 03:05 PM  Company: PT. Kota Satu Properti Tbk[SATU]
Rp. 121  +1 (0.83%)

JAKARTA - CEO of PT Kota Satu Properti Tbk (SATU) Herowiratno Gunawan has sold all of his personal stake in the company. Through an information disclosure, Mr Gunawan informed that he had sold all of his 4.05 shares in SATU.

“The amount of shares [I owned] prior to the transaction was 4.05 million, which is now zero. The percentage was 0.32%, which is now 0%,” said Mr Gunawan in the information disclosure quoted by, Thursday (10/1).

The transaction took place on Tuesday (8/1) with a price of Rp 117 per share. The shares were directly owned and sold for divestment. (MS)

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PT. Kota Satu Properti Tbk [SATU]   Rp. 121   +1 (0.83%)