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Tower Bersama realised 61.63% of the buyback

15 January 2019 07:49 AM  Company: PT. Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk[TBIG]
Rp. 3,270  +70 (2.19%)
JAKARTA - PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk (TBIG) has realized 61.63% or Rp 739.61 billion from its total budget Rp 1.20 trillion. The program was started on 30 April 2018. The target of the program is to buy 204 million shares or 4.5% of the issued and paid-up capital.
Helmy Yusman Santoso, Director of PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk (TBIG) announced the progress of the buyback program as of 31 December  2018. During the period of 30 April to 30 June 2018, the company bought 75,541,100 shares with a price of Rp 4.986 per share. The total value of the buyback is approximately Rp 376.62 billion. During the period of 1 July to 31 December 2018, the company bought 20,672,400 shares with a price of Rp 4,052 per share. The value of the buyback during this period was recorded at Rp 83.75 billion.
The buyback program affected the total asset of the company. After this corporate action, the company's asset decreased Rp 1.20 trillion (from Rp 25.59 trillion to Rp 24.39 trillion). The equity attributed to the shareholders also decreased, from Rp 3.08 trillion to Rp 1.88 trillion. (LK/AR)
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PT. Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk [TBIG]   Rp. 3,270   +70 (2.19%)