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Arthavest suspension lifted today

15 January 2019 08:31 AM  Company: PT. Arthavest Tbk[ARTA]
Rp. 400  +40 (11.11%)

JAKARTA - The Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) has lifted the suspension on the trade of PT Arthavest Tbk (ARTA) shares starting today (15/1).

“The suspension on the trade of PT Arthavest Tbk (ARTA) shares in the regular and cash markets is to be lifted starting from the first session of trade on January 15, 2018,” said IDX Head of Transaction Supervision Lidia M. Panjaitan and Head of Trade Operation Division Irvan Susandy in an announcement on Monday (14/1) evening.

The IDX suspended the trade of ARTA shares starting from December 28, 2018 due to a significant cumulative price increase. Previously, ARTA shares had also been suspended on December 21 for the same reason.

On December 27, ARTA stock price soared 24.76% to Rp 1,310 per share, its highest level since the company’s IPO in 2002. Throughout December ARTA stock price had jumped by 322.58%. (MS)

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PT. Arthavest Tbk [ARTA]   Rp. 400   +40 (11.11%)