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Artavest allocates Rp 80 billion for its subsidiaries

16 January 2019 01:59 PM  Company: PT. Arthavest Tbk[ARTA]
Rp. 410  +50 (13.89%)

JAKARTA  - PT Artavest Tbk (ARTA) allocates Rp 80 billion to invest in its new subsidiaries that are involved in financial technology in 2019. The digital signature service is a market that is considered positive. 

Yeremy Vincentius, President Director of PT Artavest Tbk (ARTA) stated that the company would focus on investment in its subsidiaries in 2019 due to the positive business prospect in digital communication. "In 2019, the company will focus to expand its subsidiaries, related to PT Solusi Net Internusa," he said as cited from the public expose sheet.

According to him, SNI is one of two private companies that listed as the provider of digital signature services in the Department of Information and Communication. For now, some financial technology (Fintech) companies have synergized themselves with SNI, but mostly just doing trial and error on the system.

He said the company expects to reach more fintech companies in the security field, and both banking and non-banking institution. (LK/AR)


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PT. Arthavest Tbk [ARTA]   Rp. 410   +50 (13.89%)