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Nusantara Properti stock price soars 69.90% after IPO

18 January 2019 11:52 AM  Company: PT. Nusantara Properti Internasional Tbk[NATO]
Rp. 735  +35 (5%)

JAKARTA - The stock price of PT Nusantara Properti International Tbk (NATO) soared by 69.90% or 72 points to Rp 175 per share following the company’s initial public offering (IPO). In the IPO, NATO released two million shares or 25% of its paid-up capital.

“With investors’ trust, the company can expand its glory in the future,” said NATO CEO Gede Putu Adnawa as quoted by

Through this corporate action NATO managed to obtain IPO proceeds of Rp 206 billion with an offering price of Rp 103 per share. In the IPO, PT Jasa Utama Capital Sekuritas acted as an underwriter. (MS)

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PT. Nusantara Properti Internasional Tbk [NATO]   Rp. 735   +35 (5%)