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A subsidiary of Sinarmas Group will operate 2 steam power plants this year

22 January 2019 04:37 PM  Company: PT. Dian Swastatika Sentosa Tbk[DSSA]
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JAKARTA. PT Dian Swastatika Sentosa Tbk (DSSA) will operate 2 Steam Power Plants (PLTU) units this year in Southeast Sulawesi and Central Kalimantan.

Susan Chandra, Corporate Secretary of DSSA, said that the two units were PLTU Kendari-3 and PLTU Kalteng-1. The two units of the plant will operate commercially in the first quarter of 2019. "As of November 2018, the development progress of PLTU Kendari-3 is 95% while the PLTU Kalteng-1 reaches 88%," Chandra said, as quoted by Bisnis, on Tuesday (22/1).

The investment value of the PLTU Kendari-3 is US$ 200 million, while for PLTU Kalteng-1 is US$ 330 million. The two PLTUs owned by DSSA are independent power plants, with a capacity of 2x50 megawatts (MW) and 2x100 MW. (KR/AR)

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