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Century Textile made some profit in 2018

31 January 2019 01:06 PM  Company: PT. Century Textile Industry Tbk[CNTX]
Rp. 590  +118 (25%)

JAKARTA - Although the sales revenue of PT Century Textile Tbk (CNTX) did not increase significantly in December 2018 compared to its 2017 level, the company recorded more positive performance in 2018. 

Based on the company's financial report in December 2018, the company's net sales were recorded at US$ 29.82 million, slightly higher than its 2017 number (US$ 24.33 million). The company's gross profit was recorded at US$ 3.72 million, higher than US$ 3.32 million gained last year.

However, the operating profit was recorded US$ 954,047 in December 2018, rebounded compared with the same period of 2017, it operating loss of US$ 39,639. The achievement operating profit has supported from increase other income of US$ 292,899, decreased the loss on sale of the fixed asset and others expenses, and increase the currency exchange profit compared with the same period of 2017.

The most significant difference compared to last year was that the company actually made some operating profit. In 2017, the company suffered operating loss of US$ 39,639, while in 2018, the company gained US$ 954,047 of operating profit. The profit was mainly supported by the increase of other income (US$ 292,899), the decline in the loss on sale of fixed assets and other expenses, and the increase in currency exchange profit. 

The profit of the company was recorded at US$ 106,829, much better than US$ 658,822 of loss suffered last year. (LK/AR)

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PT. Century Textile Industry Tbk [CNTX]   Rp. 590   +118 (25%)