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Renuka Coalindo's performance declined in 2018

31 January 2019 02:27 PM  Company: PT. Renuka Coalindo Tbk[SQMI]
Rp. 190  +6 (3.26%)

JAKARTA - PT Renuka Coalindo Tbk (SMQI's) revenue decreased in December 2018, which showed that the company's financial performance was worse than its performance during the same period in 2017. The decreasing revenue was mainly due to the company's failure to get some sales from its customers,  KSO Seluma Prima Coal and KSO PT Marlin Serantau Alam.

Based on the company's financial report, in December 2018, Renuka's revenue was recorded at US$ 199,625, declined compared to its revenue during the same period of 2017 (US$ 246,858). The contributor to the revenue was PT Wilton Wahana Indonesia. During the same period of 2017, Wilton did not contribute to the revenue, KSO Seluma Prima Coal and KSO PT Marlin Serantau Alam contributed US$ 144,657 and US$ 102,201 each.

The company's income before tax was recorded at US$ 52,157, declined from US$ 95,100 gained last year. This was followed by the decrease in operating income, which was recorded at US$ 52.410 as of December 2018. The total comprehensive income gained by the company was recorded at US$ 47,632, declined from US$ 107,447 gained last year. (LK/AR)

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PT. Renuka Coalindo Tbk [SQMI]   Rp. 190   +6 (3.26%)