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Ace Hardware Indonesia diversifies its products

04 February 2019 07:21 AM  Company: PT. Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk[ACES]
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JAKARTA. A number of strategies implemented by PT Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk (ACES) last year, one of which is product diversification, encouraged the company to target double-digit sales growth by 10% -15% in 2019.

Customer and Public Relations Manager Kawan Lama Retail, Prita Wardhani, explained that one of the strategies implemented of the retail outlet established in 1995 is offering special promotions. "We always offer thematic promotions to consumers in each of our outlets every month," he said when met at the Indonesia Stock Exchange Building some time ago.

In addition to special promotions, Ace Hardware Indonesia also provides special services to consumers in the form of member programs and after-sales services such as delivery and product installation. For member programs, Ace Hardware Indonesia will give a bonus in the form of points every time customers who join the program shop in the stores.

Ace Hardware Indonesia also continues to diversify products to attract millennials, especially for products sold at Ace Hardware and Ace Xpress outlets. "We used to be synonymous with tools, but right now, we also have other products which of course become millennial needs such as equipment for travelling, supporting gadgets, and household appliances. "It may be more diverse in the future, so that the millennial market that we have managed to achieve can be even bigger," said Prita.

The retail company, who is a member of the Kawan Lama Group, also have 171 outlets spread in 41 cities throughout Indonesia.

In December 2018, Ace Hardware Indonesia also managed to record sales at the same store sales growth (SSSG) of 19%, up by 1.4% per year and 7.9% per month. (AM/AR)

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PT. Ace Hardware Indonesia Tbk [ACES]   Rp. 1,625   -15 (-0.91%)