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Sky Energy: Solar power plants will reduce electricity bills

04 February 2019 10:10 AM  Company: PT. Sky Energy Indonesia Tbk[JSKY]
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JAKARTA. PT Sky Energy Indonesia Tbk (JSKY) supports the government's opinion that the installation of solar power plants would drastically cut electricity bills for households.

Jackson Tandiono, President Director of JSKY, said that the application of solar power plants in Indonesia is the right step, because of the climate in Indonesia. "As a tropical country that receives a lot of sunlight, the use of solar panels can be very helpful to consumers," Tandiono said on Sunday (3/2) in his official statement.

Tandiono acknowledged that the investment value of solar power plants for housing is indeed quite expensive. Nevertheless, this is considered reasonable because investment is long-term. "There is a perception that these tools are expensive, even though the benefits are far greater considering that solar panels can last 20 years," explained Tandiono.

In addition, Tandiono said that the government had compiled rules for the use of solar power plants, through the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Regulation Number 49 in 2018. This rule even mentions the possibility of selling excess power from a solar power plant to PT PLN (Persero). (KR/AR)