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Tigaraksa Satria's revenue grew by double digit last year

14 February 2019 05:36 AM  Company: PT. Tigaraksa Satria Tbk[TGKA]
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JAKARTA. Throughout 2018. PT Tigaraksa Satria Tbk managed to record double-digit growth in their revenue and net profit.

"Indications of performance in 2018 indicate double-digit growth in sales and net profit," Lianne Widjaja, President Director TGKA, told on Wednesday (13/2).

According to Lianne, the biggest contributor to the total sales was the distribution of consumer goods products. However, significant revenue growth was seen in the e-commerce line and the education books' sales.

From the bottom line side, the growth of net profit also increased due to the impact of increased sales,  improvement process and efficiency measures that were successfully implemented in 2018. However, because the financial statements of the 2018 financial year are still being audited, said Lianne, they cannot submit more concrete data yet.

Based on the company's financial report until the third quarter of 2018, TGKA managed to record a net income of Rp 8.87 trillion, up by 20% from the number from the same period of the previous year (Rp. 7.36 trillion). TGKA's net profit also increased by 37% to Rp 212, 60 billion from Rp 154.46 billion. (AM/AR)

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PT. Tigaraksa Satria Tbk [TGKA]   Rp. 3,990   0 (0%)