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Bank BTPN is optimistic to become a BUKU IV bank by 2021

15 February 2019 01:52 PM  Company: PT. Bank BTPN Tbk[BTPN]
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JAKARTA. PT Bank BTPN Tbk (BTPN) is optimistic that it will become a BUKU IV bank organically starting this year until 2021, by strengthening its profit and capital.

Ongki Wanadjati Dana, President Director of BTPN, said that the consolidated profit between BTPN and SMBCI had reached Rp 3 trillion. In its financial statements, BTPN gained Rp 2.26 trillion of profit 2018. "In combination (net profit) SMBCI and BTPN are almost 3 trillion. So I calculated it roughly, "Dana said when met after the BTPN General Meeting of Shareholders (RUPS) on Friday (15/2).

Dana added that BTPN needed to raise a minimum capital of Rp 30 trillion to become a BUKU IV bank. To achieve this target, BTPN will use its annual net profit. "We want to achieve the BUKU IV from the growth of retained earnings, so we consider it as organic," explained Dana.

In its annual report, BTPN's core capital was Rp 16.4 trillion in 2018 and SMBCI was Rp 8 trillion. If combined after the merger, BTPN has a core capital of around Rp. 24.4 trillion.

Therefore, BTPN estimates that it can reach its target to become BUKU IV bank by 2024, maybe faster if BTPN can maintain its net profit at Rp 3 trillion for the next 2 years. "If we can get Rp 3 trillion every year, that's the estimate," Dana said.

For additional information, BTPN does not plan to issue bonds for additional capital this year. Dana said that so far, his party has not planned a corporate action in 2019. (KR)

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PT. Bank BTPN Tbk [BTPN]   Rp. 3,590   +40 (1.13%)