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Fajar Surya gained Rp 1.40 trillion of profit last year

15 February 2019 03:09 PM  Company: PT. Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk[FASW]
Rp. 8,150  -75 (-0.91%)

JAKARTA - PT Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk (FASW) recorded an outstanding financial performance in 2018. The growth of financial performance exceeds the growth of operational performance in the period.

Based on the company's financial report in December 2018, Fajar Wisesa gained Rp 1.40 trillion of annual profit, rose by 136.13% compared to the number from the same period of 2017 (Rp 595.86 billion). The increase in profit was supported by the increase in sales revenue, which rose from Rp 7.37 trillion in December 2017 to Rp 9.93 trillion in December 2018.

The largest contributor to the sales revenue sourced was the domestic market, which increased to Rp 6.91 trillion from Rp 6.16 trillion, while foreign market contributed Rp 2.57 trillion, rose from Rp 1.12 trillion last year. (LK/AR)

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PT. Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk [FASW]   Rp. 8,150   -75 (-0.91%)