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CTRA is optimistic that this year, property market will be better

19 February 2019 06:35 AM  Company: PT. Ciputra Development Tbk[CTRA]
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JAKARTA. PT Ciputra Development Tbk is optimistic that this year, the property industry will be better. Because of that, the issuer prepares four products that are ready to be launched.

Harun Hajadi, Director of PT Citra Development Tbk, said that the moment of general election (Pemilu) would only affect the market for 1 week. "The election, for us, will only affect the market for about one week before the election," he said when contacted by, on Monday (18/2).

Because of that, his party did not consider the election as one of the factors that cause the sluggishness of the property market. According to him, the factor that can disrupt the property sector is the general economic growth. Even with the election this year, he believed that there was a momentum for economic growth this year.

According to Harun, this year, the company also has several products ready to be launched.

CTRA's target of marketing sales for this year is Rp 6.02 trillion, 4% higher than last year's net marketing sales of Rp 5.8 trillion.

Even so, Harun explained that the target was still an estimate. "This target is not final," he concluded. (AM/AR)

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