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Son of Dato Sri Tahir sells 250 million of Sentul City's shares

01 March 2019 05:37 AM  Company: PT. Sentul City Tbk[BKSL]
Rp. 101  +1 (1%)

JAKARTA. Mayapada Group released a portion of its ownership in PT Sentul City Tbk (BKSL), 250 million shares to be exact. The ownership is recorded in the name of Jonathan Tahir.

On 26 February 2019, the portion of Jonathan's BKSL shares was still equal to 6.07%. But a day later, the number decreased to 5.62%, equal to 3,104,177,360 shares.

The change in ownership was recorded in the share ownership report announced by the Indonesian Central Securities Depository on Thursday (28/2).

When contacted by KONTAN, the father of Jonathan Tahir who was also the founder of Mayapada Group, Dato Sri Tahir said his son only did ordinary transactions. "There is nothing special, just ordinary buying and selling," said Tahir.

At what price did the transaction occur? For this, Tahir was reluctant to disclose it.

Mayapada Group became a BKSL shareholder at the end of January 2018. At that time, Jonathan bought 6.07% of BKSL shares valued at Rp 1.17 trillion or equivalent to Rp 350 per share. The purchase occurred in the negotiation market, and the price was far above the market price, which was only Rp 147 per share. (AM/AR)

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PT. Sentul City Tbk [BKSL]   Rp. 101   +1 (1%)