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Arwana Citramulia aims to increase export

08 March 2019 06:30 AM  Company: PT. Baramulti Suksessarana Tbk[BSSR]
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JAKARTA - PT Arwana Citramulia Tbk (ARNA), a ceramics manufacturing company, aims to increase its export in 2019, since the company has additional production capacity of 4.5 million m2 following the operation of its new plant in Ogan Ilir. So far, the company has exported its products to several countries, including Pakistan, Mauritius, Oman, Philippine and South Korea.

According to the company's public expose sheets, at present, exports only contributed about 1% of the company's total sales. In 2019, Arwana will expand its market to Laos and Thailand.

So far, the management prefers to sell its products to the domestic market due to the increase in demand from the property industry. However, Arwana starts to expand its market by producing products for two segments, middle-upper and middle-low segment. (LK/AR)

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