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Berlian Tanker gained US$ 5.42 million in profit in 2018

11 March 2019 06:02 AM  Company: PT. Berlian Laju Tanker Tbk[BLTA]
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JAKARTA - PT Berlian Laju Tanker Tbk (BLTA) gained US$ 5.42 million in net profit in 2018, far better than in 2017, when the company suffered US$ 8.77 million of net loss. The improvement was mainly due to better efficiency.

Based on the company's financial statements, in 2018, the company's revenue was recorded at US$ 24.93 million, lower than US$ 25.24 million recorded in 2017. The company's voyage expenses in 2018 was recorded at US$ 5.76 million, higher than US$ 4.87 million recorded in 2017, while the company's operating revenue after voyage expenses was recorded at US$ 19.16 million in 2018, decreased from US$ 20.37 million recorded in 2017.

Furthermore, Berlian Tanker gained US$ 3.48 million in gross profit, higher than US$ 2.94 million recorded in 2017. The company's profit before interest and tax was recorded at US$ 7.31 million, while in 2017, the company suffered US$ 7.06 million of loss before interest and tax The company's profit before tax was recorded at US$ 5.62 million, higher than US$ 8.95 million of loss before tax suffered in 2017.

The largest contributor to the revenue was chemical vessels (US$ 21.37 million), followed by gas vessels (US$ 3.48 million), and others (US$ 72,469). In 2017, chemical vessels contributed US$ 21.35 million, followed by gas vessels (US$ 3.82 million), and others (US$ 69,523 million).  (LK/AR)

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