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Vale Indonesia gained US$ 64.36 million in profit in 2018

12 March 2019 08:25 AM  Company: PT. Vale Indonesia Tbk[INCO]
Rp. 2,540  +70 (2.83%)

JAKARTA - PT Vale Indonesia Tbk (INCO) gained US$ 64,36 million in profit in 2018, much better than in 2017 when the company suffered US$ 15.27 million in loss. This much improved condition is mainly due to the increase in the company's revenue and better efficiency. 

Based on the company's financial statements, in 2018, Vale gained US$ 776.90 million in revenue in 2018, higher than US$ 629.33 million gained by the company in 2017. The company's gross profit was recorded at US$ 104 million, skyrocketed from US$ 6.5 million gained by the company in 2017.

The company's operating profit was recorded at US$ 84.85 million, higher than US$ 17.97 million in the operating loss recorded by the company in 2017. The company's total comprehensive income was recorded at US$ 64.36 million, much better than US$ 15.22 million in comprehensive loss suffered by the company in 2017. (LK/AR)

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PT. Vale Indonesia Tbk [INCO]   Rp. 2,540   +70 (2.83%)