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Bank Victoria prepares to issue more debt securities

14 March 2019 05:47 AM  Company: PT. Bank Victoria International Tbk[BVIC]
Rp. 158  +5 (3.27%)

JAKARTA. PT Bank Victoria Tbk. prepares to issue more debt securities as an effort to strengthen the funding structure, both in the medium and long term and also to support business expansion.

Ahmad Fajar, President Director of PT Bank Victoria Tbk,  stated that the forms of securities issued may vary, such as bonds, subordinated loans, and certificates of deposit.

"In 2019, we will still issue bonds and subordinated loans. To fulfill long-term funding that is due. The amount is between Rp. 500 billion and Rp. 600 billion, "he told Business.

With this plan, Ahmad Fajar estimates that the total emissions of securities will reach Rp 700 billion - Rp 800 billion,

BVIC recently issued a negotiable certificate of deposit (NCD) with a value of Rp 200 billion in the third week of February 2019. The securities are divided into three series, namely series A with a 6-month tenor, coupon rate of 8.5% (Rp 100 billion); Series B with a 9-month tenor of 8.75% coupon rate (Rp 40 billion) and Series C of 12-month tenor with 9% coupon (Rp 60 billion).

According to Ahmad Fajar, the NCD emissions also received a positive response from investors. However, BVIC continues to realize the issuance according to the bank's business plan. (AM/AR)

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PT. Bank Victoria International Tbk [BVIC]   Rp. 158   +5 (3.27%)