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MIDI prepares to open new outlets outside Java

18 March 2019 05:14 AM  Company: PT. Midi Utama Indonesia Tbk[MIDI]
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JAKARTA. PT Midi Utama Indonesia Tbk (MIDI) will add 100 new Alfamidi outlets outside Java to develop its business this year.

Arif Nursandi, Corporate Communications Manager of MIDI, said that there were a number of cities outside Java that have potential. Nursandi also added that his party would open new outlets outside Java. "We are still trying to explore the Eastern region, outside Java," he explained as quoted by Kontan, on Sunday (17/3).

Nursandi believes that the opening of new outlets will improve the product distribution lines at Alfamidi. One area targeted by MIDI is Sulawesi. "Because in the regions, the potential is large and at the same time, (it helps) to extend or connect existing distribution channels," Nursandi said.

Even so, MIDI has not explained when the new Alfamidi outlets will open. MIDI will announce this plan again in April. (KR/AR)

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