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Wahana Pronatural experiences outstanding growth in its revenue and profit

19 March 2019 11:36 AM  Company: PT. Wahana Pronatural Tbk[WAPO]
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JAKARTA - PT Wahana Pronatural Tbk (WAPO) experienced outstanding growth in its revenue and profit in 2018. The company gained Rp 1.70 billion in profit in 2018, grew by 119.94% from Rp 777 million recorded in 2017.

Based on the company's financial statements, in 2018, the company gained Rp 308.56 billion in 2018, rose from Rp 231.81 billion in 2017. The largest contributor to the company's revenue was seaweed (Rp 249.35 billion), followed by sugar (Rp 34.08 billion), raw and packaging material (Rp 11.98 billion), candy (Rp 10.69 billion), coffee (Rp 2.36 billion), and spare parts (Rp 76 million).

Sales to third parties contributed more than 10% of the company's total sales. The third parties consisted of PT Asia Sejahtera Mina who purchased 19.23 million kg, PT Pacorini Silocafsri Genoa Italy (77,310 kg), and PT Fastrata Buana (3,492,641 kg). (LK/AR)

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PT. Wahana Pronatural Tbk [WAPO]   Rp. 83   0 (0%)