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Bank Victoria owns 34.91% stake in Bima Multi Finance

21 March 2019 06:02 AM  Company: PT. Bank Victoria International Tbk[BVIC]
Rp. 153  +8 (5.52%)

JAKARTA - PT Bank Victoria International Tbk (BVIC) owns a 34.91% stake in PT Bima Multi Finance through the receivable conversion of 3,562,431 shares in Bima at Rp 500 per share.

According to the company's information disclosoure, BVIC President Director Ahmad Fajar said through the conversion the company also acquired 76,734,766 shares in Bima at Rp 1 per share. "The company owns 80,797,197 shares in Bima Multi Finance," he said.

Based on data, Bank Victoria's shares are controlled by PT Victoria Investama Tbk (VICO) with 45.43%, followed by the public (each below 5%) with 29%, Suzanna  Tanojo 13.53%, DEG-Deutsche Inv Und E Mbh 9%, PT Nata Patindo 2.73%, and PT Suryayudha Investindo Cipta 0.21%. (LK/MS)



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PT. Bank Victoria International Tbk [BVIC]   Rp. 153   +8 (5.52%)