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Bank Agris gained Rp 3.48 trillion of third-party funds in 2018

22 March 2019 06:10 AM  Company: PT. Bank Agris Tbk[AGRS]
Rp. 302  -26 (-7.93%)

JAKARTA - PT Bank Agris Tbk (AGRS) obtained Rp 3.48 trillion of third-party funds in 2018, 6.21% higher than in 2017. Most of the third-party funds were time deposit.

Based on the company's financial statements, the third-party funds obtained by the bank consisted of current account (Rp 268.76 billion), current savings (Rp 591.93 billion), and deposits (Rp 2,62 trillion). In 2017, the numbers were as follows:  current account (Rp 226.80 billion), current savings (Rp 657.27 billion), and deposits (Rp 2.40 trillion).

Bank Agris disbursed Rp 2.92 trillion of credit in 2018, rose from Rp 2.75 trillion in 2017. Most of the credit were distributed to the trading, restaurant, and hotel segment (Rp 1.02 trillion), followed by industry (Rp 814 billion), transportation, warehousing and communication (Rp 318.86 billion), agriculture, hunting, and agriculture facilities (Rp 189.16 billion), social services (Rp 1.36 billion), business services (Rp 1 billion), and others (Rp 446.64 billion). (LK/AR) 

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PT. Bank Agris Tbk [AGRS]   Rp. 302   -26 (-7.93%)