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BCA digital transactions reach 98%, only 2% in branches

28 March 2019 06:25 AM  Company: PT. Bank Central Asia Tbk[BBCA]
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JAKARTA - BCA President Director Jahja Setiaatmadja said that 98% of the transaction valued at Rp 6,700 trillion in his bank is a digital transaction.

"One year is Rp 6,700 trillion. 98% from Rp 6,700 trillion is digital," Jahja said after the launch of Synergy in Jakarta on Wednesday (3/27/2019).

Jahja continued, digital transactions were mostly printed from trade channels, including e-commerce. Armand Deputy President Director Wahyudi Hartono explained that digital transactions are transactions that are not carried out through tellers or customer service at the branch office.

Currently in frequency, non-digital transactions carried out through branch offices are only 2%. He added, the most frequent digital transactions such as money transfers, cash deposits through ATM machines, including transactions through e-commerce.

"I don't remember the value, but [digital transactions] 98% of the total [transactions]. At the branch is only 2% in frequency," Armand said on the same occasion.

Neither Jahja or Armand mentioned the target value of digital transactions to be achieved this year. Jahja admitted that for the first quarter of this year it was not known how many digital transactions had been achieved. After 6 months running they will evaluate it.

"The important thing is we prepare the mechanism. We have a BCA Keyboard that does not require people to go to BCA branches if you want to open an account." he said.

BCA has just inaugurated a keyboard widget product called the BCA Keyboard last February. Since its first appearance, BCA has managed to capture as many as 4,000 customers with a total of 12,000 prospective customers. (AM/LM)

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PT. Bank Central Asia Tbk [BBCA]   Rp. 26,900   +1000 (3.86%)