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Saratoga obtains Rp 900 billion of investment returns

28 March 2019 06:30 AM  Company: PT. Saratoga Investama Sedaya Tbk [SRTG]
Rp. 3,740  -20 (-0.53%)

JAKARTA. PT Saratoga Investama Sedaya Tbk. (SRTG) managed to get dividends worth Rp 900 billion from its investment company.

President Director of Saratoga, Michael Soeryadjaya, explained that the company's performance in 2018 illustrated that the investment strategy carried out by Saratoga was able to produce optimal investment results.

Fundamentally, Saratoga's investment companies also grew positively and continued to increase the company's added value through organic and non-organic growth strategies.

"We are proud of the performance of our investment company in the midst of a very dynamic business challenge in 2018. The discipline and prudence of our investment team is the key to Saratoga's success in achieving optimal investment returns," Michael explained in Jakarta on Wednesday (27/3/2019).

Michael further explained that dividend income of Rp 900 billion was obtained from six investment companies. These results show the strong operational and business performance of the investment companies.

"The results obtained by Saratoga are very encouraging. Not only the growth of dividend income for years, but more importantly, the diversification of investment companies that contribute to dividends," he explained.

In 2018, Saratoga also continued to identify opportunities to add value to the company. One of them is a new investment in PT Aneka Gas Industri Tbk (stock code: AGII), the dominant industrial gas supplier in the country. To take advantage of the growth of the technology sector, Saratoga also began to explore start-up businesses through investment partners. (AM/AR)

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PT. Saratoga Investama Sedaya Tbk [SRTG]   Rp. 3,740   -20 (-0.53%)