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Electronic City gained Rp 21.82 billion in profit last year

08 April 2019 07:05 AM  Company: PT. Electronic City Indonesia Tbk[ECII]
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JAKARTA - PT Electronic City Tbk (ECII) earned a profit of Rp 21.82 billion in 2018, much better than in 2017, when the company experienced a loss of Rp 9.80 billion.

According to the company's financial statements, the company's achievement was supported by increased revenue. 

The company's revenue was recorded at Rp. 2 trillion, grew from Rp. 1.81 trillion in 2017. Its gross profit was recorded at Rp. 284.94 billion, up from Rp. 269.50 billion in 2017, and its profit before tax was recorded at Rp. 19.58 billion.

Losses in fixed asset sales were recorded at Rp 20 million, lower than Rp 655 million recorded in 2017.  Its financial expenses were recorded at Rp 294 million, lower than Rp 626 million recorded in 2017. 

Sales of branded electronic products contributed Rp 1.89 trillion to the company' revenue, followed by rent (Rp 82.50 billion), commission for sales of consignment goods (Rp 4.25 billion), and others (Rp 20.45 billion) in 2018. (LK/AR)

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