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Pollux generated Rp 72.23 billion in profit in 2018

09 April 2019 10:58 AM  Company: PT. Pollux Investasi Internasional Tbk[POLI]
Rp. 1,090  +140 (14.74%)

JAKARTA - PT Pollux Investasi International Tbk (POLI) generated Rp 408.60 billion in revenue in 2018, higher than Rp 367.46 billion recorded in 2017. Among other business segments, the largest contributor to the company's revenue was the mall business.

Based on the company's financial statements, mall business contributed Rp 182.26 billion of the company's revenue, up from Rp 166.30 billion recorded in 2017, followed by hotels (Rp 135.05 billion, from Rp 121.71 billion in 2017), developer (Rp 84.67 billion, from Rp 75.52 billion in 2017), and administrator (Rp 6.61 billion, from Rp 3.92 billion in 2017).

The company's gross profit was recorded at Rp 200.48 billion, higher than Rp 174.06 billion recorded in 2017. Its operating income was recorded at Rp 118.24 billion, up from Rp 114.46 billion recorded in 2017. Finally, its profit for the year was recorded at Rp 72.23 billion, 10, 67% higher than its profit in 2017 (Rp 65.62 billion). (LK/AR)

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PT. Pollux Investasi Internasional Tbk [POLI]   Rp. 1,090   +140 (14.74%)