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Indah Prakarsa recorded Rp 11.26 billion of losses in 2018

10 April 2019 02:43 PM  Company: PT. Indah Prakasa Sentosa Tbk[INPS]
Rp. 3,080  +10 (0.33%)

JAKARTA - PT Indah Prakarsa Sentosa Tbk (INPS) recorded a loss of Rp 11.26 billion in 2018, higher from Rp 10.27 billion of loss recorded by the company in 2017. This was mainly caused by the company's declining revenue.

Based on the company's financial report in 2018, the company generated revenue of Rp 318.32 billion in 2018, declined from Rp 375.91 billion in 2017, while its gross profit was recorded at Rp 56.55 billion, declined from Rp 66.23 billion in 2017.

The decline in revenue was experienced by all of the company's business segment, which consists of fuel and gas station (Rp 122.70 billion in revenue, from Rp 152.66 billion in 2017)  followed by natural gas (Rp 64.84 billion, from Rp 72.19 billion in 2017) lubricants (Rp 11.04 billion from Rp 16.76 billion in 2017), transportation and logistics (Rp 112.15 billion, from Rp 127.16 billion in 2017) and SPPBE (Rp 7.56 billion, from Rp 7.70 billion in 2017). (LK)

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PT. Indah Prakasa Sentosa Tbk [INPS]   Rp. 3,080   +10 (0.33%)