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Elnusa will strengthen upstream segment this year

11 April 2019 06:18 PM  Company: PT. Elnusa Tbk[ELSA]
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Elnusa will strengthen upstream segment this year

JAKARTA - PT Elnusa Tbk (ELSA) will focus on developing the upstream segment this year.

Elizar P Hasibuan, President Director of PT Elnusa revealed that the company will continue to run three business lines in oil and gas, namely upstream, downstream and midstream. "We will strengthen the upstream, due to a lot of activities in oil and gas sector, of course activities in that segment will increase. So, we will do a lot of investment this year," Elizar added.

For the downstream segment, Elnusa will strengthen several business lines for distribution activities, both for BBM and non-BBM. Whereas in the mid-stream segment, Elnusa participates in several oil processing activities such as refineries.

Elnusa is currently targeting several projects from abroad. Elizar said that Elnusa had obtained a project in Vietnam with SOCO. In addition, Elnusa also targets projects in Africa as well as receiving offers from the Middle East. (LM)

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PT. Elnusa Tbk [ELSA]   Rp. 334   -8 (-2.34%)