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Protech Mitra eyes Rp 50 billion in revenues this year

12 April 2019 05:06 PM  Company: PT. Protech Mitra Perkasa Tbk[OASA]
Rp. 280  -20 (-6.67%)

JAKARTA - PT Protech Mitra Perkasa Tbk (OASA) targets this year's revenue as much as Rp 50 billion. For information, the company's revenue in 2018 was recorded at Rp 22.82 billion and in 2017 was amounted to Rp 31.96 billion.

In terms of net profit, the company hoped to be able to score 10% of net revenue. "We are targeting a net profit of around Rp 5 billion," said Anton Santoso, President Commissioner of Protech Mitra Perkasa during the public expose.

Last year, the company suffered a loss of Rp 731 million. This figure is far better than the previous year with a loss of Rp 1.34 billion.

In order to boost revenues and profits in 2019, Protech Partners will carry out several strategies. One of the strategy is to be more selective in choosing projects that have high margins. The second strategy is to enter the renewable energy sector, particularly for solar rooftop panels. (LM)

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PT. Protech Mitra Perkasa Tbk [OASA]   Rp. 280   -20 (-6.67%)