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Chinese contribution to imported goods in Indonesia amounts to US$ 10.42 billion

15 April 2019 02:41 PM  Company: []
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JAKARTA. China is still the largest importer to Indonesia as of March 2019, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics' (BPS) report on exports and imports in Indonesia in March 2019 released on Monday (15/4).

The top three countries with the largest non-oil and gas imports from January to March 2019 were China with US$ 100.42 billion, Japan with US$ 3.97 billion, and Thailand with US$ 2.42 billion, with China being the largest import origin country with a contribution of 29.01%. Meanwhile, Indonesia's trade balance deficit to China amounted to US$ 5.18 billion.

"The largest import origin country for non-oil and gas [products] is China, followed by Japan and Thailand," said BPS Head Suhariyanto.

Compared to the same period last year, imports from 13 primary countries dropped 5.5%, contributed by Singapore with US$ 682.4 million, Japan with US$ 361.1 million, and the United States with US$ 183.2 million.

In terms of role in the total non-oil and gas imports from January to March 2019, ASEAN countries were the largest contributors with 19.21%, followed by European Union countries with 8.37%. (AM/MS)