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Steadfast Marine's revenue declined in 2018

16 April 2019 06:48 AM  Company: PT. Steadfast Marine Tbk[KPAL]
Rp. 124  +3 (2.48%)

JAKARTA -  PT Stedfast Marine Tbk (KPAL)'s revenue declined from Rp 485.56 billion in 2017 to Rp 152.02 billion in 2018. The decline in revenue occurs in all product segments.

Based on the company's financial statements in 2018, the largest contributor to the company's revenue was ship projects (Rp 98.81 billion), followed by ship leasing (Rp 43.78 billion), and others (Rp. 9.45 billion). In 2017, the ship project contributed Rp.444.01 billion, followed by ship leasing (Rp. 39.66 billion), and others (Rp. 1.89 billion).

The company's gross profit was recorded at Rp. 64.90 billion in 2018, down from Rp. 99.23 billion in 2017. The company's operating profit was recorded at Rp. 36.98 billion, down from Rp. 59.59 billion. (LK/AR)

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PT. Steadfast Marine Tbk [KPAL]   Rp. 124   +3 (2.48%)