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HKI hopes elected president will continue infrastructure development

16 April 2019 08:09 AM  Company: []
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JAKARTA - The Association of Industrial Areas (HKI) hopes the Indonesian government in the next five years will continue infrastructure development. According to HKI Chairman Sanny Iskandar, infrastructure development is essential as the primary facility of industrial area development, which serves as a priority for investors.

“We hope the government in the next five years will continue existing policies, particularly [in terms of] infrastructure and industrial area development in prioritised regions,” said Mr Iskandar at the HKI headquarters as quoted by, Monday (15/4).

Mr Iskandar added that if the government did not continue infrastructure development, especially outside Java, in the next five years, planned industrial area development could come to a halt. In terms of industrial area development, he said, challenges such as synchronisation between central and regional governments remain.

“The solution is legal certainty from government policies and harmonisation between central and regional government policies, which is now being processed through the online single submission (OSS) system. If the system has been completed it will surely help,” Mr Iskandar concluded. (MS)