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CIMB Niaga will simplify the process of opening a new account online

16 April 2019 08:37 AM  Company: PT. Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk[BNGA]
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JAKARTA. PT Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk (BNGA) will simplify its facility to opening a savings account online, through the integration of its digital services at the end of this month.

Tigor M. Siahaan, President Director of BNGA, said that at present, his party is developing a digital feature that allows prospective customers to open savings accounts more easily. "Later, it will become banking that doesn't require you to go anywhere, everything is on your mobile, including opening a new account," Siahaan said on Monday (15/4) to

The funding for the development of digital banking facilities comes from the company's capital expenditure (CapEx) budget for 2019. However, Siahaan did not mention the exact value of the company's CapEx budget this year. "This year's CapEx is mostly for digital development," explained Siahaan.

In addition, Siahaan admitted that almost 95% of BNGA banking transactions took place outside the branch offices. He acknowledged that at present, the needs of customers for branch offices had diminished. Nevertheless, he said the company still maintains the role of branch offices for operational needs. "We need them as our distribution point," Siahaan said. (KR/AR)

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PT. Bank CIMB Niaga Tbk [BNGA]   Rp. 1,005   +5 (0.5%)