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Nusa Konstruksi generates the revenue of Rp 1.02 trillion

18 April 2019 01:30 PM  Company: []
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JAKARTA - The revenue of PT Nusa Konstruksi Enjiniring Tbk (DGIK) was recorded Rp 1.02 trillion in 2018, declined from Rp 1.20 trillion in 2017. This decreased revenue was due to decreased from all the segment business.

According to the company's financial statement in 2018, the largest contributor to the revenue sourced from civil of Rp 663.24 billion, the building of Rp 315.87 billion, and material of Rp 44.86 billion. In 2017, the civil contributed Rp 822.83 billion, the building of Rp 381.87 billion, and material of Rp 1.52 billion. The data showed the decreased significantly in revenue sourced from civil segment business.

In 2018, the gross profit recorded Rp 75.61 billion, declined from Rp 167.48 billion in 2017, the gross profit after project joint venture of Rp 101.21 billion, declined from Rp 211.12 billion, and the operating loss recorded Rp 62.98 billion, lower from Rp 3.02 billion in 2017. While the net loss for the year of Rp 146.30 billion, lower from the profit for the year of Rp 15.46 billion in 2017. (LK)