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Lippo Karawaci is optimistic about property business after the election

18 April 2019 02:24 PM  Company: PT. Lippo Karawaci Tbk[LPKR]
Rp. 314  +16 (5.37%)

JAKARTA. PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk (LPKR) is optimistic that it can improve its performance in the property business, after the Presidential Election (Pilpres) end this year.

Ketut Budi Wijaya, President Director of LPKR, estimates that consumer demand for property products will increase after the presidential election takes place. "Usually after the election, there is an increase in demand, everyone is getting more optimistic," Wijaya said on Thursday (18/4) today when met by

Wijaya explained that the increase in demand in the property sector would be significant after the inauguration of the new president in October. The increase did not occur immediately, although the results of the quick count of the presidential election results had circulated in the community. "Usually after the inauguration of a new president," Wijaya explained.

Despite this, LPKR's financial performance last year actually declined significantly in 2018. This can be seen from its net profit which reached Rp 132.77 billion in the first quarter, Rp 1.01 trillion in the second quarter, a loss of Rp 6.76 billion in the third quarter, and only a net profit of Rp 225.12 billion in the fourth quarter of the 2018 fiscal year. . (KR/AR)

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PT. Lippo Karawaci Tbk [LPKR]   Rp. 314   +16 (5.37%)