IDPR - PT. Indonesia Pondasi Raya Tbk

Rp 314

-8 (-2,48%)

JAKARTA. PT Indonesia Foundation Raya Tbk (IDPR) will distribute cash dividends with a total value of Rp 2.03 billion, or around 6.9% of the company's net profit in 2018.

In the disclosure of information on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, in IDPR's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS), it was also agreed to use Rp. 11.05 billion of its net profit as retained earnings, and Rp. 100 million as a reserve fund. "To increase the company's working capital and also for business development and expansion," explained the IDPR Director.

In addition, the AGMS stipulates that dividend payments will be made on 14 June. Meanwhile, Cum Dividend on the regular market and negotiations was set on 27 May. (KR/AR)