NELY - PT. Pelayaran Nelly Dwi Putri Tbk

Rp 138

+28 (+25,45%)

JAKARTA. PT Pelayaran Nelly Dwi Putri Tbk (NELY) prepared Rp 140 billion for Capital Expenditure (Capex), to buy 4 set of vessels on this year.a

Tjahja Tjugiarto, Managing Director of NELY, said that the company has two funding options for their Capex. "From internal cash and bank’s credit," said Tjugiarto on Tuesday (5/28) yesterday in his annual Public Expose.

Until the first quarter of this year, Tjugiarto said NELY had realized the purchase of 2 sets of 300-feet barges. "The next 2 sets are larger barges and have differences in prices, 10% more expensive than the regular one," explained Tjugiarto.

NELY said that there are currently 22 units of tugboat owned by the company. In addition, NELY also owned 24 units of barge, 1 unit of container barge set, and 1 unit of cargo container. (KR)