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JAKARTA. PT Sri Rezeki Isman Tbk (Sritex) is targeting the United States (US) market to market its textile products.

President Director of Sritex, Iwan Setiawan Lukminto, revealed that this needed to be done following a trade war between the US and China. At present, said Iwan, the US is looking for new suppliers of textiles to replace China. "Indeed, our exports are mainly targeting the United States," said him in Menara Kompas, Jakarta, Tuesday (6/8/2019).

According to Iwan, this was because the United States remained the motor of the world economy. They are also looking for new suppliers. "Now that's our chance," he continued.

Regarding the trade war, Iwan believes there are positive things that can be utilized by Indonesia. For example, opening up to become a supplier of goods to the US. Moreover, he said, Indonesia has good relations with the US. Therefore the trade war situation must still be seen as a positive gap that can provide benefits for Indonesia.

In a public expose of the company, Sritex revealed the increasing demand for textiles to the US. This was reflected in the growth of textile sales to the US market which increased from US$ 25 million to US$ 30 million. (AM/AR)