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JAKARTA - PT Panca Budi Idaman Tbk (PBID) has prepared a capital expenditure (capex) of Rp 100 billion for 2020. This capex will be used to complete factory’s construction and purchase machinery for the new factory in Pemalang.

The factory with a capacity of 27,000 tons per year is targeted to operate in the first semester of next year.

"Capex for 2020 is Rp 100 billion. This is for the construction and machinery in Pemalang," said Lukman Hakim, Director and Corporate Secretary of Panca Budi Idaman, as quoted from Bisnis.

For information, this year Panca Budi has allocated capital expenditure of Rp 100 billion. Up to the third quarter, the absorbed capex had reached Rp 137 billion. (LM)