CITA - PT. Cita Mineral Investindo Tbk

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JAKARTA - PT Citra Mineral Investindo Tbk (CITA) will repay part of its debt to Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd with the funds from its rights issue that will be held from 14-20 February 2020. In the corporate action, CITA will release 648,216,250 shares at a nominal price of Rp 100 per share.

As quoted from the company disclosure, this corporate action plan was approved by the company's shareholders during the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMS) which took place on 30 September 2019. Shareholders who choose not to exercise their rights in this corporate action will have their ownership diluted by 16.1%.

At present, shareholders in CITA including PT Harita Jayaraya (61.19%), Glencore International Investment Ltd (29.77%) and the public (9.04%). (LK/AR)