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JAKARTA - The plan of PT Maha Properti Indonesia Tbk (MPRO) to acquire the shares of a subsidiary of PT Hanson International Tbk (MYRX) and PT Rimo Internasional Lestari Tbk (RIMO) may be cancelled.

The information was confirmed by the Director of Maha Properti Indonesia, Suwandy, at the company's Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders today, Monday (13/1). He said the plan was still being discussed and not yet on the company's agenda for certain. "This is a discourse, and we have not made a certain plan," he said. Suwandy explained that the company disclosed some information only to follow the rules. Although the plan is not yet made, the company must still provide information to maintain transparency.

Previously, it was disclosed that MPRO plans to acquire 49.99% of PT Mandiri Mega Jaya (MMJ) and PT Hokindo Properti Investama (HPI). The two companies are subsidiaries of PT Hanson International Tbk and PT Rimo International Lestari Tbk. "We are still reviewing it, it could be a reverse take over, additional capital or loans. That is also not certain because we can also change our minds, by only taking MMJ or HPI's subsidiaries, "he continued.

At present, Suwandy said, MMJ currently has around 15 subsidiaries plus five second-tier ones. While HPI has 10 subsidiary businesses plus two second-tier ones. (ARM/AR)