TRIN - PT. Perintis Triniti Properti Tbk

Rp 258

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JAKARTA - PT Perintis Triniti Properti Tbk (TRIN) is targeting marketing sales of Rp 800 billion - Rp 900 billion in 2020. The target increased by 100% - 125% from the realization in 2019 of Rp 400 billion.

"Last year's target was around Rp 400 billion. This year we have increased it to approximately Rp 800 billion - Rp 900 billion. The main marketing sales are obtained from projects in Serpong and Batam. In these 3 years, the revenue will be more than that," said Perintis Triniti Properti President Director Ishak Chandra as quoted from Bisnis.

In addition, TRIN also targets a net profit of around Rp 90 billion - Rp 111 billion. This target also increased by 50% - 85% compared to net profit in 2019 of Rp 60 billion.

In its IPO today, TRIN managed to reap fresh funds of Rp 218.6 billion. The funds will be used for working capital and the construction of the Collins Boulevard Apartment, Marc’s Boulevard Batam and the remainder is for the company's operational costs. (LM)