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JAKARTA. Grab, one of the largest online transportation service providers in Indonesia, has signed a partnership agreement with Hyundai to provide a fleet of electric cars in the near future.

Ridzki Kramadibrata, President of Grab Indonesia, said the cooperation was a realization of Softbank's investment of US$ 2 billion in Indonesia. "The development of this electric vehicle ecosystem is going well, with a positive response from the government and the business world," Kramadibrata told

In addition to Hyundai, Grab also collaborated with Astra Group, Honda Motor and Gesits in developing the electric vehicle.

Grab claims the development of electric vehicles for its fleet will reduce air pollution. In addition, transportation costs are expected to be cheaper. 

Previously, the expansion of the non-fossil fuel fleet had been carried out by PT Blue Bird Tbk (BIRD). Nevertheless, Grab remains optimistic that it can dominate the Southeast Asian market in providing electric vehicles for online transportation. (KR/AR)