JAKARTA - Xinyi Energy Glass, a glass manufacturer from China, will expand its business to Indonesia by building a factory in the Sadai Industrial Zone in South Bangka Regency, Bangka Belitung.

The signing of the agreement was carried out last week by Xinyi Energy Glass, PT Ration Bangka Abadi, and PT Bumi Bangka Belitung Sejahtera, and BUMD of the Province of Bangka Belitung Islands. The event, which took place in Nanjing, China on Saturday (18/1) was also witnessed by the Governor of the Bangka Belitung Islands, Erzaldi Rosman Djohan. 

"After the contract is signed, then the supplier of various glass products will immediately build a silica sand processing and refining plant in the Sadai Industrial Zone in March 2020," said Director of PT Ration Bangka Abadi, Vindyarto Purba as quoted from Bisnis on Friday (24/1).

According to Vindyarto, several licenses are in the process of being finished, and local partners have requested that the factory should prioritize the people of Bangka Belitung to become employees in the factory.

In addition, he continued, the power in the factory will be generated using solar power plants, but investors are also considering to use gas power plants. (ARM/AR)